Other Products

In addition to the obligatory wearing of mouth-nose protection and respiratory masks, we also offer you other products that will safely protect you and your colleagues from the risk of infection. For example, we provide you with the protective suit of the BIOSIS HEALING brand. This seals off the entire body from possible infection risks. This is urgently recommended in isolation, quarantine and intensive care units, for example. However, protective suits are also a sensible thing to wear as part of standard and basic hygiene, as they are worn over everyday clothing and thus also protect the environment from the wearer of the protective suit, as even normal work and everyday clothing can be infected with viruses or other carriers of disease. Therefore, protective suits are also worn, for example, in institutions for the elderly. Direct contact with blood, excrements or secretions is reliably avoided.

Additionally, we also offer protective goggles that protect the eye area. These are particularly susceptible to the transmission of pathogens. Khangua’s “Safety Goggle” protective goggles have proven particularly effective for this purpose. It seals off the area around the eyes and thus prevents droplet infections.

BIOSIS HEALING Medical Protective Coverall Type 3

The medical protection products of BIOSIS HEALING, based in Beijing, also include this professional protective suit (coverall), which reliably protects the wearer’s entire body against infections that can be caused by touch.

The suit is made of a non-woven and therefore impermeable material. Of course, the seams and zips can also prevent the penetration of viruses and bacteria through special manufacturing processes. The target group for this product are people who have contact with possible infected persons mainly due to their jobs. These are e.g. doctors, nurses and care personnel in isolation and quarantine wards, but also nursing staff in old people’s homes where infections of any kind have already become known. The heavy but flexible material ensures unrestricted freedom of movement in all cases.

  • Protective suit with high impermeability
  • Zip and velcro fasteners with high tightness for easy entry and exit
  • Certified by TÜV-Süd
  • Integrated protection of mouth and neck through self-adhesive closures
Sicherheits-Schutzbrille Khangua

Safety goggles Khangua

Medical staff are at risk not only from infection through breathing, but also from droplet infection via the eyes. These protective glasses from the Khangua brand provide reliable protection against this.

The safety spectacles have been tested and certified in Europe and thus comply with the EN 166 standard, which deals with personal eye protection. Unlike products from other industries, the focus here is not on protection against dangerous light, but in particular on the impermeability of the area around the eyes. The “Safety Goggle”, as the product is known internationally, therefore primarily ensures protection against the ingress of air containing harmful substances and viruses. The field of vision is not impaired by filtering. The safety goggle offers sufficient inner space so that even spectacle wearers can wear their vision aid inside the goggle.

  • Goggles to protect the eyes from virus infections and polluted air
  • Tested and certified by the European Certification Service (ECS)
  • High impermeability around the eye area, yet comfortable to wear