Book presentation “Corona Pandemic – Special People”

Corona Pandemic – Special People

At the book presentation of “Corona Pandemic – Special People”, several important personalities of the region – including Prof. Dr. Sompo Chou – were given a festive reception in the Old Castle in Rohrbach.

The book presents the perspectives of some of the regional greats, their experiences during this period and their strategies and solutions.

The speaker was Professor Dr. Sompo Chou, founder of the Sino German Hi-Tech Park (SGHTP) in Heidelberg, who spoke about the strengths of mutual assistance in difficult times – such as the shipment of protective equipment and food supplements. But also other possible measures – for example the “AI Thermal Image Security Scanner“, which works with artificial intelligence – were the subject of his presentation. This scanner was developed in cooperation with Etechina Corp. and Shenzhen Ansar Technologies. The device enables fast and accurate analyses and thus has enormous potential in the fight against the virus. Soon, one copy will be installed at each of two vocational schools in Heidelberg to increase the safety of trainees and teachers – but also to create acceptance for the technology. Prof. Dr. Sompo Chou also spoke of a holistic strategy for protection against the virus and for maintaining a healthy physical condition, because “the best doctor is prevention”. Here above all “Propolis Premium”, “Vitamin D3 liquid” and “Q10 Plus” of the company Solmic stand out. Thanks to the patented Micell technology, their ingredients – much better than the products of other manufacturers – are particularly well absorbed by the body and support the immune system in addition to regular exercise. A consistent and systematic strategy based on mutual respect and prudence is part of this. According to the motto: “The path only comes into being if you follow it” he encouraged people to dare more and not to let any chance go unused in the common fight against the virus. For the benefit of a lively and strong society, culture and economy, it is essential to look for strategies that are equally effective for all.

(The project “Winni Will’s Wissen” initiated by Prof. Dr. Felix Herth and Winfried Rothermel was brought to life. It provides its viewers with a compact, informative and correct view of the facts, the region and the world. Through this project, a network was created that reports first-hand and presents expert opinions on the situation.

(Spurred on by this project, the idea for the book “Corona Pandemic – Special People” was born)

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