Keenon Disinfection Robot M2

Safely disinfect indoor air with disinfection-spray and UV light: Keenon Disinfection Robot M2

The pandemic situation around the world is creating a growing demand for disinfection solutions for indoor environment, especially in medical facilities such as hospitals, vaccination centers and quarantine stations. The Keenon Disinfection Robot M2 from Sino German Hi Tech Park travels through predefined routes indoors and removes infectious viruses from the air by discreetly distributing a disinfectant spray. In addition, targeted UV light reliably kills germs and viruses.

Keenon Disinfection Robot M2 mobile disinfection robot for your safety against dangerous viruses.

Due to the UV-C radiation, which is harmless to humans, the robot achieves a very high level of disinfection. This can prevent infections caused by viruses and bacteria. The Keenon Robot M2 meets high clinical standards, robots of this type are already successfully used in many hospitals and contribute to the health and safety of patients as well as nursing and medical staff.

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Wie funktioniert der AS-2018 AI Wärmebild Sicherheits-Scanner?

Fieber gilt als Indikator für COVID-19 oder einen grippalen Infekt und kann mittels des Sicherheits-Scanners akkurat und schnell gemessen werden. Die Temperatur wird beim Passieren des Sicherheits-Gates an nicht bedeckten Körperstellen einer Person in Echtzeit gemessen und als Wärmebild auf externen Monitoren verfügbar gemacht. Bei Überschreitung der erlaubten Temperaturschwelle von 37,5 °C (konfigurierbar) ertönt ein akustisches Signal und sorgt somit für eine frühzeitige und präventive Erkennung einer potentiellen Gefahr. Zum Funktionsumfang zählen auch der Personendurchlaufzähler und der eingebaute Metalldetektor.
Dank der Speichermöglichkeit von Wärmebilddaten auf einem integrierten Kleincomputer, können die Daten für eine weitere Detailanalyse genauer unter die Lupe genommen werden. Dies ermöglicht eine zusätzliche Kontrollmöglichkeit für das Personal.

How the Keenon Disinfection Robot M2 works

The disinfection robot is able to move autonomously in corridors and rooms. Obstacles and stairs are detected automatically, this is made possible by touch contacts and other sensors. However, predefined travel paths can also be programmed. A two-wheeled driving mechanism enables mobility in all directions. The robot is fully operable by a touch display. The disinfection of the room air is carried out by a fillable liquid sprayed in the room by atomizers from six nozzles. Optionally, the UV light can also be switched on to combat viruses. As the renowned ‘Ärzteblatt‘ states, robots of this type are capable of eliminating 99.99 percent of all viruses and bacteria within just 10 minutes through UV radiation alone. It receives its electrical energy from a charging station at which the robot’s discharged batteries are recharged. Intelligent charging electronics ensure that the robot automatically approaches its charging station as soon as the battery charge runs low. At the end of a disinfection route, the device also automatically returns to its charging station.

Highlights at one glance

  • 3 route modes: street mode (predefined route), room mode (up to 4 targets can be approached), dual mode (UV light and spray simultaneously)
  • automatic obstacle detection
  • pre-programmable start and stop times
  • frequency of routes to be run adjustable
  • usable disinfectants: hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorite, peracetic acid etc.
  • consumption: approx. 2 – 4 l per hour
  • voice output
  • touch display
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