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Mouth-Nose Protection Masks and FFP2 Breathing Masks for All Cases

Mouth and nose protection masks and respirators have become an everyday item since the corona pandemic. High quality products of this kind are supplied by experienced manufacturers from China. Not least because the country was the first country in the world to suffer massively from the consequences of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, a great deal of development time was invested in the further development of MNS and respiratory protection masks. You too can benefit from these further developments: We offer you face masks that were produced in China. This is a sign of quality – you can see this from the fact that all products have been tested by recognised certification bodies and the standard specifications (including those for medical applications) have been exceeded by far. This is confirmed by TÜV-Süd and TÜV-Rheinland, among others.

In our range you will find the well-known disposable masks for everyday use, but also so-called FFP2 masks. These are often also offered under the abbreviation “KN95”, which is a common standard in China, comparable to the identification “FFP2” which is common in this country. These FFP2 masks can be recognised immediately by their typical shape. They contain an additional filter system which ensures that as little exhaled air as possible, which under certain circumstances can be contaminated with viruses, gets into the environment. This distinguishes the FFP2 masks from simple “everyday masks”, as these are officially not considered protective masks, but merely makeshift “makeshift mouth-nose masks” – comparable to a neckerchief pulled over the mouth, for example, which offers the wearer little self-protection.

Yadu Disposable Face Mask

The disposable face mask from Yadu Medical Care was originally intended for use in the medical environment, but is certainly suitable for everyday use and offers pleasant wearing comfort.

With a very high bacterial filter effect (BFE) of 98 percent, it provides the best possible protection against infections. Particles of 0.1 µm are reliably filtered, which ensures low health hazards in case of high environmental pollution (e.g. SMOG weather conditions). The three-layer disposable mask is breath-active and skin-friendly and is certified by TÜV Süd in accordance with test standard EN14683:2014.

  • BFE filter performance: 98%.
  • very good breathability
  • high quality and skin friendly
  • elastic rubber bands and nosebands
  • dimensions: 17,5 x 9,5 cm
Gesichtsmaske Henan Yuxinwei Mundschutz

Henan Yuxinwei Face Mask

The “Disposipal Surgical Mask” is preferably used in the surgical field, but can also be used without hesitation in other safety-relevant areas where protection against infections and polluted air is required.

Germs and bacteria are filtered out to over 99 percent, and the smallest particles of air are removed from the air we breathe to 95 percent. Safety tests have shown that Yuxinwei’s face mask is flame retardant, which means that it can be used safely even in fire situations with high levels of smoke particles. The mask also reliably retains liquids under high pressure. The colour of the mask is medically neutral white.

  • BFE filter performance: 99.3%
  • Micro particle filtration: 95%
  • high breathability
  • flame retardant

Yoniner Medical Face Mask Type 1

Hangzhou Yoniner is a company specialising in the manufacture of medical equipment.

The Type 1 face mask is of correspondingly high quality. In several test procedures conducted by various certification bodies, it has shown that it can be used without any problems in all safety and health-related environments. Measuring 175 mm × 95 mm, it is the standard size for medical masks, and thanks to its flexible straps, it can be worn comfortably by everyone.

  • BFE filter performance: > 98% (according to EN 14683:2019)
  • three-layer mask with patented folding
  • high breathability
  • dimensions: 17,5 x 9,5 cm

Topnew Medical Surgical Mask Type IIR

The Type IIR surgical face mask originates from the Chinese company Beijing Topnew Import Export Ltd., which has been offering high quality and reliable products to the medical sector all over the world since 1998 – including this Type IIR surgical face mask. Recent tests by several certification bodies certify this product’s highly effective protection against infections and fine particles in the air we breathe.

Even liquids of all kinds are reliably retained by this face mask, even under high pressure.

  • three-layer mask with patented folding
  • skin-friendly and high wearing comfort
  • high breathability
  • dimensions: 17,5 x 9,5 cm

Sunsmed Medical Face Mask Type IIR

This mouth-nose protective mask is manufactured by the experienced manufacturer Sunsmed Protective Products Ltd. and offers the highest protection against exposure and hazards of all kinds of breathing air.

The face mask has been tested for usability and safety by a total of nine certification bodies – including TÜV-Rheinland. During these tests it was determined that this mouth-nose protection complies with the quality standard EN 13485:2012 for medical products. This face mask is characterised by an excellent bacterial filtration rate (BFE) of 99.8 percent, i.e. when used properly, infection is virtually impossible. The dimensions of this mask are 175 x 150 mm.

  • three-layer oronasal protection mask
  • BFE: 99.8%
  • Packing unit: 50 pieces
  • dimensions: 17,5 x 15 cm

Medical Face Mask
Type IIR

The multi-layered and patent-folded type IIR mouth-nose protective mask is a high-quality product from Hangzhou Yoniner, a well-known manufacturer of medical equipment. The TÜV-Rheinland has tested this mask in detail and certified it according to DIN EN 14683:2019 (requirements for surgical masks) and the product accordingly.

In addition to the high wearing comfort, the very high bacterial filtration rate of 99.5 percent is also noticeable, which means that this mask offers excellent protection against infections. Furthermore, this mask is stable and tear-resistant, but still only weighs 2.9 grams, so that this mouth nose protection is literally of negligible weight. The light polypropylene of the filter unit contributes to this.

  • three-layer mouthguard type IIR
  • SFOE: 99.5% OF THE TOTAL
  • Pleasant to wear and skin-friendly
  • dimensions: 17,5 x 4,5 cm

Rongge FFP2 Breathing Mask

Respiratory protection masks conforming to the FFP2 standard are also increasingly common in everyday life. Masks of this type are characterised by the fact that no more than 11 percent of the exhaled air is released unfiltered into the environment, while at the same time a protective effect of 95 percent is guaranteed.

This is exactly what the special FFP2 breathing mask from the Rongge brand offers. An adjustable ear strap and nose clip provide a secure fit and also ensure that the exhaled air can only escape through a filter. In addition, this mask is heat-resistant and hardly inflammable.

  • FFP2 mask with increased safety standards
  • SFOE: > 95
  • Heat resistant
  • In addition to bacterial contamination, protection against formaldehyde
  • dimensions: 159 x 107 mm
Gesichtsmaske Henan Huibo KN95

Henan Huibo KN95-Mask

The term “KN95” comes from a standard commonly used in China and is similar to the FFP2 standard used in this country for additional protection against the escape of exhaled air. Henan Huibo, founded in 2004, specialises in functional clothing for the medical sector and also carries respiratory protection masks in its portfolio.

This KN95 mask reliably protects the wearer and those around him/her from infections, harmful particles in the ambient air and, last but not least, the potentially infectious air breathed by the wearer over a period of approximately 32 hours. This is made possible by the mask’s special filter technology, which prevents unfiltered escape of the breathing air into the environment.

  • Reliable protective KN95 face mask according to FFP2 standard
  • Protection against air contaminated with bacteria, germs and particles (e.g. SMOG)
  • Minimum durability: 5 years
  • Certified by TÜV-Süd

DR.MFYAN KN95 Protective Mask

The breathing mask offered under the trade name “DR.MFYAN KN95” is a proven FFP2-compliant protective mask which reliably protects the wearer against viruses, bacteria and particle-laden air (e.g. industrial or vehicle exhaust gases).

In addition, even the exhaled air of the wearer cannot escape unfiltered, so that the environment is also protected from the potentially infectious wearer. DR.MFYAN masks are manufactured individually and by hand and are also tested for leak tightness and resilience after completion. All this is done in the production centre of Guangdong Zhi Zhen Biological Medical Ltd. in Guangzhou, China. The company is very transparent and shows the production of the KN95 masks in pictures from which it can be seen that each mask is virtually unique.

  • FFP2 mask, individually produced by hand
  • Manufactured according to high hygiene standards
  • minimum durability: 3 years
  • dimensions: 158 x 102 mm
Biosis Healing Protective Mask


The Chinese company BIOSIS HEALING offers various protective products for the medical environment, including this FFP2 protective mask. BIOSIS HEALING is one of the most creative companies in China and has thus also been able to climb into the top 100 of the most highly rated companies.

The company considers this reputation as a self-commitment for the quality of its products and therefore complies with the strict EN standards. The FFP2 respirator was tested and successfully certified by DEKRA. This mask is specifically optimised and manufactured to meet the requirements of the SARS Cov-2 corona pandemic and has successfully passed the relevant test requirements – this can also be seen from the DEKRA certificate. Like all FFP2 masks, this mask not only protects the wearer but also helps to ensure that as little of the wearer’s breathing air as possible is released unfiltered into the environment.

  • BFE: > 95 %
  • Robust and liquid-repellent
  • High wearing comfort

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