AI Thermal Image Security Scanner

No Passage for Viruses and More Security with the New AS-2018 AI thermal Imaging Security Scanner

Due to the epidemiological situation in the world, there is a growing demand for thermographic thermal image security scanners, which, additionally to a flow counter of persons and a metal detector, also enable the fast and effective body temperature measurement of persons.
Your all-in-one solution for fast and reliable body temperature measurement is the AS-2018 AI thermal imaging safety scanner.

AI Thermal Image Security Scanner

Thanks to the very fast detection of body temperature (0.3 seconds per person), the security scanner is particularly suitable for use in areas with high passenger turnover such as museums, railway stations, stadiums, shopping centres, supermarkets, airports, banks, hotels, exhibitions and other public places.

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How does the AS-2018 AI Thermal Imaging Security Scanner work?

Fever is an indicator of COVID-19 or a flu-like infection and can be measured accurately and quickly using the safety scanner. The temperature is measured in real time on uncovered parts of a person’s body as they pass through the security gate and is made available as a thermal image on external monitors. If the permitted temperature threshold of 37.5 °C (configurable) is exceeded, an acoustic signal sounds, thus ensuring early and preventive detection of a potential danger. The functional scope also includes the pedestrian flow counter and the built-in metal detector.
Thanks to the possibility of storing thermal image data on an integrated small computer, the data can be examined more closely for further detailed analysis. This provides an additional control option for the personnel.

Highlights at One Glance

  • KI module for face recognition and support of temperature measurement
  • 7″ LCD Touch Display – multilingual adjustable
  • Infrared sensors for non-contact body temperature measurement
  • 2 MP AI Thermal imaging camera
  • Visual and acoustic alarm – sounds alarm when 37.5 °C is exceeded
  • Flow counter – counts precisely incoming and outgoing persons
  • Integrated metal detector – sounds alarm when metal objects are detected
  • Energy-saving operation: only 12 W energy consumption
  • Certified according to ISO9001 (quality) and ISO14000 (environment)

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